Dino Marcangelo

It has been an enormous pleasure both professionally and personally to work alongside David for the last 18 months. On a work level I have found him to be the utmost professional in all his dealings both internally and externally. He combines his calm, methodical approach with tenacity and a determination to get the job done. What impressed me the most, was his ability to come into an organisation like Mastercard get up to speed and start adding value very quickly, all without ‘ruffling feathers’ in the way some external consultants can. His natural integrity, openness and candour build into a communication style that is personal and authentic, resulting in him build strong enduring relationships both with internal teams and colleagues as well as with external contacts. These relationships, especially the external ones, have rapidly flourished to the benefit of both organisations. On a personal note I will miss David’s steadfastness and counsel, he is some one I’d always want in my team