Sutton Hall

David Lilley led the remarkable transition and transformation of Sutton Hall Resort, a 40-year-old membership-based business facing challenges due to an ageing customer base and limited financial resources. Recognising the need for change and revitalisation, working alongside a small board of four other Directors, David took on the responsibility of rejuvenating the business and charting a new path to success.

One of David's significant accomplishments was the complete overhaul of the resort's outdated paper-based systems, transitioning to a modern and efficient digital platform. This strategic move not only streamlined operations but also enhanced customer experience and engagement, making it easier for members to access services and stay connected with the resort. David selected the most affordable systems to accomplish this process but there was no lack of focus on the stability and suitability of the systems implemented.   

Additionally, David displayed exceptional financial acumen, finding a credible way to raise the necessary funds to oversee the development of new leisure facilities and renovations within the resort. By investing in these improvements, Sutton Hall Resort has been able to attract a younger and more diverse clientele, broadening its appeal and securing its position as a premium holiday destination.

In a testament to his commitment to fairness and sustainability, David also implemented a strategy to allow older members to exit the membership under fair commercial terms. This thoughtful approach not only ensured the mental and financial well-being of longstanding members but also paved the way for the inclusion of new members, injecting fresh energy into the community.

As a result of David Lilley's strategic leadership and transformative initiatives, Sutton Hall Resort has experienced a significant turnaround. The business has not only weathered the challenges brought about by Covid-19 but has enjoyed elements of thriving, amassing almost double the financial reserves it had previously. This newfound financial stability provided the resort with a strong foundation for continued growth and success.

David's exceptional ability to envision a brighter future for Sutton Hall Resort and lead the organisation through a successful transformation has earned him immense respect within some elements of the hospitality industry. His dedication to innovation, financial prudence, and commitment to serving members' best interests have solidified his reputation as an outstanding leader in the business community.